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This is part of Mufti Menk’s powerful speech on the topic “Focus on What You Have”, an understanding of our achievements and thanking Allah almighty for that. Are you happy with the blessings you have today? Let’s give it a check. Most of us run behind the ones we desire to get but never remember to thank Allah (SAW) for what we have. Yes, that’s the fact. Comparing ourselves with others is the reason for our unhappiness. Just try to list out your blessings on a paper and you will find it as an endless one and you will have to keep adding things to it. Let’s compare us with the kings of the past to focus on our achievements we have today. They might have had a luxurious life and abundance in quantity but quality wise we live a better life. To mention a few we have lights, fans, air conditioners, fridge, cars etc all these are our luxury while the kings had all these done for them by their subordinates. Still we crave for more. So isn’t it the time for us to think on how we live today and how blessed we are. So why wait! just rush to thank Allah (SAW) for giving us such a happy and blessed life. Do listen to his words as he is giving us a golden opportunity to focus on our “LIFE “.

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