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1 - 3
This Book is revealed to bring the mankind out from darkness into light
4 - 4
All Rasools speak the language of their own people
5 - 6
Prophet Musa was sent to lead his people out from darkness into light
7 - 12
If all the dwellers of earth become nonbelievers, it makes no difference to Allah and In Allah let the believers put their trust
13 - 17
Allah punishes the wrongdoers and blesses those who dread His eminence
18 - 21
Allah has based the creation of the heavens and the earth on Truth
22 - 22
Shaitan has no power over human beings - he only invites and people follow
23 - 23
Greetings in Paradise will be 'Peace'
24 - 27
Example of a "good word" and a "bad word"
28 - 34
Those who show ingratitude towards Allah's favors shall be cast into Hell and Allah has given you countless favors
35 - 41
The prayer of Prophet Ibrahim for the city of Mecca and its residents and The prayer of Prophet Ibrahim which is made a part of five daily prayers
42 - 51
Never think that Allah is unaware of the unjust, or that He will ever break His promise made to His Rasools
52 - 52
Allah is the One and Only God