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Al-Quran is the Divine Book
2 - 15
On the Day of Judgement, the unbelievers will wish that they were Muslims and Allah Himself has taken the responsibility of preserving Al-Quran
16 - 25
Allah created and decorated the heavens and also created everything suitable for human life on earth
26 - 44
Story of Adam's creation; prostration of the angels before him and the refusal of Shaitan to prostrate and Shaitan and his followers are destined for hell
45 - 50
The righteous will be awarded paradise
51 - 60
Prophet Ibrahim is given the good news of a son by two angels
61 - 79
The same angels came to Prophet Lut and executed Allah's decree of stoning to death the nation of homosexuals
80 - 86
Punishment to the people of Hijr for their disbelief
87 - 99
Al-Fatiha is also called, "Seven verses worthy of oft-recitation" And Proclaim the commandments of Allah publicly and turn away from the Mushrikin