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Allah took Muhammad (pbuh) on a tour of the universe
2 - 10
Allah fulfilled the prophecy made in the Holy Book of the Israelites that they will create mischief in the land twice and each time they will be punished and Al-Quran guides to the perfectly Straight Way
11 - 14
The book of his own deeds shall be given to each individual on the Day of Judgement
15 - 17
He that seeks guidance does so to his own good and he who goes astray does so to his own loss
18 - 22
He that desires the transitory things of this life is given here, but in the hereafter he shall be condemned to hell
23 - 30
Some commandments of Allah for the believers including proper behavior with parents, relatives, and the community at large
31 - 40
The commandments continue
41 - 44
If there were other gods besides Allah, they would have tried to dethrone Him
45 - 52
Belief in the hereafter is necessary to understand Al-Quran and Hereafter is Life after death
53 - 55
Believers should speak only good words
56 - 57
Invented gods have no power to relieve you from any distress
58 - 60
Why the signs are not sent to Muhammad (pbuh) like prior prophets
61 - 65
Shaitan, his enmity with human beings, and his vow to seduce them
66 - 70
Allah has provided conveyance for you on land and sea
71 - 72
Accountability of every community and its leaders
73 - 77
No compromise is allowed in matters of Islamic law and principles
78 - 84
Five times daily Salah (prayers) and and extra prayer called Tahajjud for the Holy Prophet and Al-Quran is a healing and mercy for the believers
85 - 88
Ar-Ruh (Spirit) is at the command of Allah and No one can produce a Quran like this
89 - 93
In Al-Quran Allah has used different methods to make people understand His Message
94 - 100
Allah has sent a human Rasool to human beings; if the dwellers of earth had been Angels, Allah would have sent and angel as a Rasool and Only disbelievers can doubt life after death
101 - 104
Musa was given NINE signs; people still did not believe him
105 - 111
Al-Quran is revealed in truth and with the truth it has come dow in sections to suit each occasion, for easy deliberation Offer Salah neither too loud nor too low a voice, adopt the middle course