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1 - 6
Those who say Allah has begotten a son are uttering a monstrous lie
7 - 12
Story of the Companions of the Cave
13 - 17
They were young men who declared the truth about the Oneness of Allah and They had to run away and take refuge in a cave
18 - 20
They are in a state of sleep and They were waken up by Allah after hundreds of year
21 - 22
Their identity was disclosed to resolve the disputed issue of life after death, What a shame that instead of getting the point people are disputing about their numbers
23 - 26
Whenever you promise to do something in future, always say, "Insha Allah (If Allah wills)"
27 - 31
No one is authorized to change the Word of Allah and Proclaim, "Truth from Allah has come, choice is yours, believe or disbelieve"
32 - 44
Parable of a believer and a disbeliever
45 - 49
Similitude of worldly life and its relationship with the life of hereafter
50 - 53
Fate of those who follow the Shaitan and commit shirk
54 - 59
Allah has given all kinds of examples in the Quran, so that the people may understand His Message
60 - 70
Prophet Musa travelled to find Khizer to learn some of the knowledge given to him by Allah Almighty and Khizer warned Musa that he would not be able to bear with him
71 - 74
Prophet Musa could not resist questioning Khizer when he made a hole in boat, and when he killed a boy with no apparent reason
75 - 82
Story of Prophet Musa and Khizer
83 - 101
Story of king Zul-Qarnain
102 - 108
Fate of the Mushrikin and the Believers on the Day of Judgement
109 - 109
Words of Allah are countless and can not be recorded
110 - 110
Muhammad is but a human being like you