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1 - 15
The story of Zakariya and the birth and youth of Yahya (John)
16 - 26
The story of Maryem and the miraculous birth of Isa (Jesus)
27 - 34
Maryem brought her baby (Jesus) to her people, and the baby spoke to his people in the cradle to defend his mother and proclaim his assignment to be their Prophet
35 - 40
Isa (Jesus) is not the son of God, it is not befitting to the Majesty of God that He needs to beget a son for name, fame, help or continuity of race
41 - 50
Story of Ibrahim and his idol worshipping father
51 - 57
Prophethood of Musa, Isma`il and Idris
58 - 65
All prophets of Allah were Divine Guided and chosen
66 - 82
Believers and unbelievers' life in this world and their life in the Hereafter
83 - 98
No god other than Allah will be able to save you on the Day of Judgement and Those who say Allah has begotten as son preach such a monstrous lie that even the heavens may crack, earth split and mountains crumble to pieces and Allah has made the Quran easy for Mankind