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1 - 8
Al-Quran is a reminder for those who fear Allah, the Creator of the heavens and earth
9 - 16
Prophet Musa went to the sacred valley of 'Tuwa' at mount Tur
17 - 24
Allah chose him as His Rasool and assigned him towards Fir'on (Pharaoh)
25 - 48
Prophet Musa prayed to Allah to open his heart, easy his task and remove the impediment from his speech so that people may understand, what he says Allah granted his request and reminded him about His favors
49 - 54
Dialogue between Musa and Fir'on
55 - 55
Human life cycle
56 - 64
Fir'on disbelieved Musa by calling his miracles a magician trick and challenged him to confront his magicians in public - Musa accepted the challenge
65 - 76
Confrontation of Musa and Fir'on's magicians, after witnessing Musa's miracle Magicians accepted Islam and Dialogue between Magicians and Fir'on
77 - 82
Deliverance of the Children of Israel from the bondage of Fir'on
83 - 89
When Prophet Musa went to Mount Tur for communion with Allah - Israelites started worshipping calf in his absence
90 - 98
Musa's inquiry about the idol worshipping, his decision about Samiri, Golden Calf and his address to his people
99 - 104
AL-Quran is but a reminder and the life of this world shall appears to be no longer than one day in the Hereafter
105 - 112
A scene from the Day of judgement
113 - 115
AL-Quran is sent in Arabic to teach and to remind, so read and say, "O Rabb increase my Knowledge"
116 - 128
Story of Adam's creation and Shaitan's temptation and Allah forgave Adam's sin, chose him and guided him to the right Way and Those who do not read AL-Quran and follow its guidance shall be raise as blind on the Day of Resurrection
129 - 132
Do not envy others in worldly benefits, rather seek Allah's pleasure if you want to attain the blessed end
133 - 135
AL-Quran is a sign from Allah so there can be no excuse for the unbelievers on the Day of Judgement