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1 - 10
The day of accountability is getting closer but the disbelievers are still heedless to the admonition and disputing as to how Rasool can be a human beings
11 - 15
Prior nations were destroyed due to similar iniquities
16 - 18
The creation of heavens and earth is not a game
19 - 24
If there were more than One God, the heavens and earth would have been in a state of disorder
25 - 29
All Rasools were sent with the same Message, "There is no god but Allah, so worship Him alone
30 - 33
The skies and earth once were once one mass, Allah split them asunder, and He created all living things from water
34 - 41
Allah has not granted immortality to any human being If Rasools are destined to die, how disbelievers are going to live for ever!
42 - 47
Invented gods can not even defend themselves, how they will defend them against Allah and Scale of justice shall be set up on the Day of Judgement
48 - 50
Musa was given AL-Furqan (the criterion of right and wrong), so is this AL-Quran
51 - 71
Ibrahim questioned the idol worshiping of his father and his people and Ibrahim broke all their idols to show, that the gods who can not even defend themselves, how they can be of any benefit to them and They decided to burn him alive but Allah commanded the fire to be cool and comfortable for Ibrahim
72 - 75
Allah blessed Ibrahim with son (Ishaq) and then a grandson (Ya'qoob) and made each of them Prophets
76 - 77
Allah accepted the prayer of Nuh against the unbelievers
78 - 82
Allah blessed Prophets Dawood and Sulaiman with wisdom, knowledge and kingdoms
83 - 84
Allah accepted Prophet Ayub's prayer and removed his affliction
85 - 91
Allah accepted the prayers and blessed Prophets Isma`il, Zulkifl, Yunus, Zakariya and also blessed Maryem
92 - 93
Mankind is but one brotherhood
94 - 97
Whoever does good deeds, provided he is a believer, his endeavor will not be rejected
98 - 106
The Day of Judgement and the fate of the disbelievers and the believers
107 - 112
Allah has sent Muhammad (pbuh) as a blessing for all the worlds (Humans, Jinns and others)