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1 - 4
A scene from the Hour of Doom
5 - 7
Life cycle, life in this world and the life in the Hereafter
8 - 10
People invoke other deities besides Allah, without knowledge and guidance
11 - 14
Behavior of those who are standing at the verge of faith
15 - 18
Allah always help His Rasools and All the dwellers of the heavens and the earth prostrate before Allah
19 - 22
Disbelievers will have garment of fire, boiling water and maces of iron to lash them with
23 - 25
Allah has given equal rights to all believers for Masjid-al-Haram whether they are natives or foreigners
26 - 30
Allah identified the sight of Sacred House to Ibrahim, commanded him to built Ka'bah then call mankind to come for Hajj (Pilgrimage)
31 - 33
Committing shirk is as though he had fallen from the sky and his body is snatched away by the birds
34 - 38
It is not the meat or the blood of the sacrificed animals that reaches Allah, it is your piety that reaches Him
39 - 41
Permission is granted to the believers to fight in self defence, and for the cause of Allah
42 - 45
O Muhammad, "you are not the only one being denied, all Prophets were denied before you"
46 - 48
A day of your Rabb is equal to one thousand year of your calculation
49 - 51
Acceptors of Truth shall be forgiven, while others punished
52 - 57
Shaitan tempered with the wishes of all Rasools but Allah abrogated such interjection and On the Day of Judgement Allah Himself shall be the Judge for all
58 - 64
Those who migrated for the sake of Allah shall be generously rewarded and Allah is the only One who is real, all other deities are false
65 - 67
Allah is the One Who has given you life, cause you to die and will bring you back to life for passing on His Judgement
68 - 72
Allah will Judge between you concerning those matter in which you differ
73 - 74
Gods besides Allah has no power to create even a creature like fly
75 - 78
Allah named the believers as Muslims in the prior Scriptures and also in this (AL-Quran)