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1 - 11
Characteristics of true believers
12 - 16
Stages of human creation
17 - 22
Allah has made the heavens, vegetation, trees and Animals for the benefit of human beings
23 - 30
Prophet Nuh was sent to guide his people, they disbelieved him, as a result Allah drowned all disbelievers in great flood
31 - 32
After prophet Nuh, Allah sent Hud to guide his people
33 - 44
They called Hud and imposter; as a result Allah destroyed them all in a mighty blast and After Hud Allah sent Rasools to other people, those people also denied and faced a similar punishment
45 - 50
Musa was sent to Fir'on and his chiefs; they also disbelieved and faced destruction
51 - 61
Allah has said, "In fact, your religion is one religion; I am your Rabb, so fear Me alone"
62 - 77
Allah has not charged any soul with more than it can bear and Those who do not believe in the hereafter will stray from the Right Path
78 - 83
Allah has given you ears, eyes, and hearts, but you seldom show gratitude
84 - 90
Even the disbelievers recognize the existence of Allah
91 - 92
Allah has never begotten a son, nor there is any other god besides Him
93 - 98
Repel evil with good Seek refuge with Allah against the temptations of Shaitan
99 - 111
Wrongdoers will wish that they be sent back to this world to adopt the Right Way, but it will be too late
112 - 115
On the day of Judgement it will appear as if the life of this world was less than a day
116 - 118
Unbelievers will never attain salvation