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Blessed is Allah Who revealed this Al-Quran, the criterion to distinguish right from wrong and Wrongdoers are those who reject the truth and disbelieve a Rasool be cause he is a human being
Those who deny the Hour and life after death will be cast in the blazing fire
On the day of Judgement, those deities whom the Mushrikin invoke will deny any claim of divinity and hold the Mushrikin responsible for their shirk
Unbelievers who ask for angels today will ask for a stone barrier between them and the angels of punishment
Disbelievers shall regret on the Day of Judgement not adopting the Right Path
Allah explains the wisdom behind revealing Al-Quran piecemeal rather than all at once
All nations which rejected Allah's revelations and His Rasools were utterly destroyed and Those who have taken their desires as their gods are nothing but animals
Allah has made the night a mantle, sleep to rest, and the day to work
Do not yield to the unbelievers; make Jihad against them with Al-Quran and Put your trust in Ever-Living (Allah), Who will never die
Characteristics of the True Servants (believers) of Allah