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Al-Quran is a Guide and Good News to the Believers
Story of Prophet Musa's selection as a Rasool and Nine signs were shown to Fir'on but he still disbelieved and incurred Allah's punishment
Story of Prophet Sulaiman, to whom Allah gave rule over jinns, men, birds and winds
The hoopoe brought him the news about the Queen of Sheba and Letter from King Sulaiman to the Queen of Sheba
Communications between Queen of Sheba and Sulaiman
A man who had the 'Knowledge of the Book' brought Throne of the Queen to king Sulaiman in twinkling of and eye and Queen of Sheba and her people embraced Islam
Story of Prophet Saleh and his address to his people and Saleh's people plotted to kill him but Allah saved him and destroyed the disbelievers
Prophet Lut admonished his people but they paid no heed so they faced the scourge of Allah
Praise to Allah and peace be on His Rasools
Just think, is there any god besides Allah Who has created anything in the universe, answer the oppressed or guides to the Right Way?
Disbelievers doubt Allah's power of creation and Al-Quran clarifies those matters in which the Israelites differ and A sign from the signs of doomsday
Do not deny Allah's revelations without gaining their comprehensive knowledge
A scene from the scenes of Doomsday and Those who accept guidance do so to their own good and those who go astray do so to their own peril