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1 - 3
Story of Prophet Musa
4 - 13
Fir'on plotted to kill the sons of the Israelites to save his kingship, while Allah planned to bring up one of them in Fir'on's own household
14 - 21
Musa's youth, his folly of killing a man, and his escape from Fir'on's retribution
22 - 28
His arrival at Madyan, acceptance of ten years term employment, and marriage
29 - 35
His arrival at Mount Tur, seeing a fire, conversation with Allah, and his appointment as a Rasool to Fir'on and his chiefs
36 - 42
Fir'on and his chiefs disbelieved; as result Allah destroyed them but saved the Children of Israel
43 - 50
Information about the destruction of prior generations is given to teach a lesson
51 - 55
Righteous Jews and Christians can recognize the truth of Al-Quran and feel that they were Muslims even before hearing it
56 - 60
Prophets cannot give guidance, it is Allah who gives guidance
61 - 67
On the Day of Judgement disbelievers will wish that they had accepted Guidance
68 - 75
Allah's powers are not in the hands of Mushrikin, that they can assign them to whomever they want
76 - 82
Story of Qarun, the rich man, who was from the people of Musa but he rebelled against the guidance of Allah
83 - 88
Revelation of Al-Quran is the mercy of Allah, let no one turn you away from it