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1 - 10
Romans (Christians) defeat at the hands of Persian (Pagans) was taken as a sign of the Muslims defeat at the hands of Arab's unbelievers, so Allah gave good tidings for Roman's victory as well as Muslims victory in a few year
11 - 19
It is Allah Who originates the creation and then repeats it and to Him everyone will be brought for the final Judgement
20 - 27
Creation of Man, his consort, heavens, earth, language, colors, sleep, quest for work, lightening, rain and growth of vegetation are all from the signs of Allah
28 - 32
Wrongdoers are led by their own appetites without real knowledge and True faith and the nature of sects
33 - 37
When and affliction befalls people they call upon Allah, but when He relieves them, lo! They start committing shirk
38 - 40
Commandment to give the relatives their due and likewise to the poor and the travellers in need
41 - 45
Mischief in the land is the result of Man's own misdeeds, that's how Allah let them taste the fruit of their deeds
46 - 53
Allah sent His Rasools for the guidance of people, some believed while other rejected, Allah subjected the guilty to His retribution and helped the Believers and O Prophet you cannot make the dead to hear you
54 - 60
It is Allah Who has created you and shall bring you to justice on the Day of Judgement