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The Hour is surely going to come and the Day of Judgement shall be established to reward the believers and punish those who discredit Allah's revelations
Those who do not believe in the Hereafter are doomed
Mountains and birds use to sing Allah's Rhymes with Prophet Dawood and Allah subjected the winds and Jinns to Prophet Sulaiman and Claim of people that Jinns know the unseen is wrong
The people of Saba rejected Allah's blessings and disbelieved in the Hereafter so Allah made them merely a tale of the past
No intercession before Allah can avail any one except for whom He permits it and Prophet Muhammad is sent for the entire mankind
Those who disbelieve in AL-Quran and prior scriptures will be subjected to yokes around their necks before tossing them into Hell and Wealth and children are not the indications of Allah's pleasure
It is belief that brings you close to Allah not the wealth or children and Whatever you spend in charity, Allah will pay you back and Unbeliever's statements about the Prophet and AL-Quran
Unbelievers are asked to ponder upon their wrong statements and Truth has come, falsehood neither originates nor restores anything
On the Day of Judgement unbelievers would like to believe but it will be of no avail to them