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1 - 12
AL-Quran is revealed by the Allah to warn people and Prophet is told that he could warn only those people who have the fear of Allah
13 - 21
And example of three Prophets who were sent to one town, all denied them except one man who came from cross the town
22 - 32
Allah blessed the man who believed with Paradise and destroyed the disbelievers
33 - 36
Allah has created all things in pair
37 - 40
Day, night, sun and moon; all are being regulated by Allah
41 - 50
Disbeliever's attitude towards spending in the way of Allah
51 - 54
A scene from the Day of Judgement
55 - 58
Allah's greeting to the residents of Paradise
59 - 67
Allah's address to the criminal sinners and On the Day of judgement hands and feet shall testify
68 - 76
AL-Quran is to warn those who are alive and to establish charge against the disbelievers
77 - 83
Allah, Who has created the man, shall give him life again, for accountability on the Day of Judgement