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Mushrikin try to justify their worship to saints saying that it may bring us closer to Allah and On the Day of Judgement no bearer of burden shall bear the burden of another
Believers who cannot practice their faith (Islam) should migrate to other places where they can and The real losers are those who shall lose their souls and their families on the Day of Judgement
No one can rescue the one against whom the sentence of punishment has been decreed
AL-Quran is consistent in its verses yet repeats its teachings in different ways and Allah has cited every kind of parable in AL-Quran so that people may learn a lesson
Who can be more wicked than the one who invent a lie against Allah? And If Allah intends to harm you, no one can save you and if He intends to bestow His blessings, no one can withhold
It is Allah Who recall the souls of people upon their death and of the living people during their sleep
If the wrong doers possess all the treasures of the earth and much more besides it, they will gladly offer it as a ransom to redeem themselves on the Day of Judgement
Those who have transgressed against their souls should not despair of Allah's mercy, they should repent while they can
Worship Allah and be among His thankful servants and On the Day of Judgement the Book of Deeds will be lai open and justice will be done with all fairness
After Judgement unbelievers will driven to Hell and the righteous will be led to Paradise