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No one disputes the revelations of Allah except the kafirs (unbelievers) and The angels who bear the Throne of Allah pray for those who repent and follow the Right Way
A scene from the Day of Judgement and Furtive looks and the secret thoughts
Those who denied the Prophets and Allah's revelations were all destroyed
Prophet Musa was sent to Fir'on, Haman and Qarun and Fir'on intended to kill Prophet Musa
And excellent speech of one of the relatives of Fir'on in the favor of Prophet Musa
Allah saved that believer from the plots of Fir'on and destroyed the people of Fir'on, now they are presented before the fire of Hell morning and evening (punishment of the graves)
Allah does help His Rasools and the believers in this world's life and will help them in the life Hereafter and Your Rabb says, "Call on Me, I will answer your prayers"
No one has the right to be worshipped except Allah, the Creator and the Rabb of the worlds
Those who argue about the revelations of Allah, will soon fin out the Truth and Allah has sent many Rasools before Muhammad; some are mentioned in AL-Quran and some are not
Cattle are the signs of Allah for the people of understanding and Belief after seeing the scourge of Allah is of no avail to the disbelievers