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1 - 8
AL-Quran is a giver of good news and and admonition and Woe to those who deny the Hereafter and do not pay Zakah
9 - 12
Story of the creation of earth, mountains, seasons, skies and heavens
13 - 18
Warning to the disbelievers and the example of Allah's scourge upon the nations of A'd and Thamud
19 - 25
On the Day of Judgement people's own ears, eyes and skins will bear witness against them relating to their misdeeds
26 - 32
Those who do not listen to Al-Quran shall be sternly punished and those who listen to those who say our God is Allah and then stay firm on it, angels are assigned for their protection
33 - 44
The best in speech is the one who calls people towards Allah, do good deeds and say, "I am a Muslim" And Example of Allah's signs and Nothing is said to Muhammad which was not said to the prior Prophets and AL-Quran is a guide and healing for the believers
45 - 46
The Book given to Prophet Musa was similar to AL-Quran
47 - 51
On the Day of Judgement all other gods to whom people worship besides Allah shall vanish
52 - 54
Have you ever considered that if Al-Quran is really from Allah and you deny it, what will happen to you