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Period of Revelation

This Surah was revealed during the last stage of the Prophet's residence at Makkah.

Major Issues, Divine Laws, and Guidance
  1. Allah is the only Creator of this universe.
  2. Deities whom the mushrikin worship other than Allah, have no power to either benefit or harm anyone.
  3. Deities other than Allah are not even aware that they are being worshiped.
  4. To every nation Allah sent a Rasool for guidance.
  5. Al-Qur'an provides a cure for all the problems of mankind.
  6. Mushrikin follow nothing but conjectures &
  7. The story of the Prophet Nuh and his people.
  8. The story of the Prophet Musa, Fir'on, and his chiefs.
  9. Belief after seeing the scourge did not benefit any nation except the nation of the Prophet Yunus.
  10. Prohibition against forcing anyone to convert to Islam.

In the introductory verses of this Surah, an invitation towards the Right Way is extended to the people who were considering it a strange thing that Allah's message was being conveyed by a human being (Muhammad). They were charging the Prophet with sorcery, whereas there is neither anything strange in it nor has it anything to do with sorcery or soothsaying. The prophet is simply informed mankind about two facts:

  1. Allah, Who has created the universe, is, in fact, your Rabb, and He Alone is entitled to be worshipped.
  2. That after the life in this world, there will be another life in the next world, where you shall have to render full account of this world's life. You shall be rewarded or punished according to whether you adopt the righteous attitude required by Allah after acknowledging Him as your Rabb, or act against His will.

Both of these facts are realities in themselves, whether you acknowledge them as such or not. If you accept these, you will have a very blessed end; otherwise you shall meet the evil consequences of your misdeeds.