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Period of Revelation

Both the subject matter and the style of the Surah indicate that it was sent down in the third stage of the Prophet Prophet's residence at Makkah.

Major Issues, Divine Laws, and Guidance
  1. The main issue for the people to consider is the Message of Allah rather than disputing about whether a human can be a Rasool.
  2. The creation of heaven and earth is not a game.
  3. If there were more than one God, the heavens and earth would have been in a state of disorder.
  4. The skies and earth once were one mass; Allah split them asunder and created the different planets.
  5. Allah has created all living beings from water.
  6. Allah has not granted immortality to any human being.
  7. Humans' invented gods cannot even defend themselves; how can they defend their worshippers.
  8. Prophet Musa (pbuh) was given Al-Furqan, so is this Al-Qur'an (The Qur'an) given to Muhammad (pbuh).
  9. Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) was not an idol worshipper but an idol breaker.
  10. Mankind is but a single brotherhood.
  11. Whoever will do good deeds provided he is a believer, his endeavor shall not be rejected.
  12. Allah has sent Muhammad (pbuh) as a blessing for all the worlds (humans, jinns, and others).

The objection of the disbelievers that a human being could not be a Rasool of Allah, and that they could not accept Muhammad (pbuh) as a prophet, has been refuted. Examples have been cited from the life stories of the various prophets to show that all the prophets who were sent by Allah were human beings. They had no share in god-head and they had to implore Allah to fulfill each and every necessity of their lives. All the prophets had to pass through distress and affliction; their opponents did their best to thwart their mission, but in spite of it they came out successful with the help of Allah. Finally all the prophets had one and the same Deen (way of life), which is being presented by Muhammad (pbuh), and that is the only Right Way, while all other ways invented by human beings are utterly wrong.