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Period of Revelation

This Sarah was revealed in the middle of Makkan period when antagonism had grown quite strong and every sort of mischief was created by the disbelievers to frustrate the mission of the Prophet.

Major Issues, Divine Laws and Guidance
  1. None can award or withhold blessings besides Allah.
  2. Shaitan is your enemy, so take him as such.
  3. The person who considers his evil deeds to be good deeds cannot be guided to the right path.
  4. Real honor is in being obedient to Allah.
  5. Mankind is in need of Allah while He is not in need of anyone.
  6. None can make those who are buried in the grave hear you.
  7. Those who recite Al-Qur'an, establish Salah and give Zakah may hope for Allah's blessings and reward.
  8. Allah has not sent any Book which has a provision of shirk (worshipping anyone else besides Allah).
  9. Plotting evil recoils none but the author of it.
  10. If Allah was to punish people for their wrong doing, He would have not left even an animal around them.

This discourse warns and admonishes the people of Makkah and their chiefs for their antagonistic attitude towards the Prophet's message of Tawhid, as to say: "O foolish people, the way to which this Prophet is calling you is for your own benefit. Your anger, your tricks, your conspiracies and designs to frustrate the message or him are against your own benefit. If you do not listen to him, you will be harming your own selves, not him. Just consider and ponder over what he preaches:

  1. He repudiates shirk. If you look around carefully, you will yourself realize that there is no basis for shirk.
  2. He presents the Doctrine of Tawhid. If you use your common sense, you will come to the conclusion that there is no being beside Allah, the Creator of the Universe, which might possess divine attributes, powers and authority.
  3. He tells you that you have not been created to be irresponsible in this world and that you have to render an account of your deeds before your God.
  4. He tells you that there is life after the life of this world when everyone will meet the consequences of what he has done here. If you think, you will see that your doubts about it are absolutely baseless. Don't you see the phenomenon of creation and reproduction of day and night? How can then your own recreation be impossible for God Who created you from an insignificant sperm?
  5. Doesn't your own intellect testify that good and the evil cannot be alike? Think and judge for yourselves as to what is reasonable: should good and evil meet with same fate and end up as dust, or should good be rewarded and the evil be punished?

Now, if you do not admit and acknowledge these rational and reasonable arguments and do not abandon your false gods, the Prophet will not lose anything, rather, it is you who will suffer the consequences. The Prophet's responsibility is only to make the truth plain to you, which he has done."