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Period of Revelation

According to authentic Traditions, this Surah was revealed after Sayyiduna Hamzah embraced Islam and before Sayyiduna Umar embraced Islam during the early stages of the Prophet's residence at Makkah.

Major Issues, Divine Laws and Guidance
  1. The Qur'an is revealed to give admonition.
  2. Woe to those who deny the Hereafter and do not pay Zakah (charity).
  3. Story of the creation of earth, mountains, seas, skies and heavens.
  4. Example of Allah's scourge upon the nations of 'Ad and Thamud.
  5. On the Day of Judgement, man's own ears, eyes and skin will bear witness against him relating to his misdeeds.
  6. Those who say their God is Allah and stay firm on it, have angels assigned for their protection.
  7. The best in speech is the one who calls people towards Allah, does good deeds and says, "I am a Muslim."
  8. The message which is revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the same message which was revealed to prior Prophets.
  9. The Qur'an is a guide and healing for the believers. It is similar to the Book given to the Prophet Musa (Moses).
  10. On the Day of Judgement, all those gods to whom people worshiped besides Allah, shall vanish.
  11. Have you considered that if The Qur'an is really from Allah and you deny it, what will happen to you!

The disbelievers had given clear notice to the Prophet to the effect, "You may continue your mission of inviting the people to yourself, but we will go on opposing you as hard as we can to frustrate your mission." To accomplish this objective they had devised a plan that whenever the Prophet or one of his followers would try to recite The Qur'an before the people, they would at once make so much noise that no one could hear anything.

They were saying: "If an Arab presents a discourse in Arabic, what could be the miracle in it? Arabic is his mother tongue. Anyone could compose anything that he pleased in his mother tongue and then make the claim that he had received it from God. A miracle would be if the person would suddenly arise and make an eloquent speech in a foreign tongue which he did not know. Then only could one say that the discourse was not of his own composition, but a revelation from God."

In response to this, this Surah has clearly stated: "This Qur'an is an unchangeable Book and you can not defeat it by your noise and falsehoods. Whether falsehood comes from the front or makes a secret and indirect attack from behind, it cannot succeed in refuting it. Now that the Qur'an is being presented in your own language so that you may understand it, you say that it should have been revealed in some foreign language. But had We sent it in a foreign language, you yourselves would have said: What a joke! The Arabs are being given guidance in a non-Arabic language, which nobody understands. In fact you have no desire to obtain guidance. You are only inventing new excuses for not affirming the faith. Have you ever considered that if this Qur'an is really from Allah, then what fate you would meet by denying and opposing it?"