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Period of Revelation

The incident of the shaqq-al-Qamar (splitting of the moon) that is mentioned in it which determines its period of revelation precisely. This incident took place at Mina in Makkah five years before the Prophet's migration to Madinah.

Major Issues, Divine Laws and Guidance
  1. The Day of Judgment is drawing near yet the unbelievers are not paying heed to the signs of Allah.
  2. We have made the Qur'an easy to understand the admonition, so is there any who would take the admonition?
  3. The story of Thamud and Lut who called their Prophet liars to show how terrible was Allah's scourge and how clear was His warning.
  4. People of Fir'on were seized for disbelieving Allah's warning. The same warning has come to you, will you not take admonition?

In this Surah, the disbelievers of Makkah have been warned about their stubbornness towards the message of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). The amazing and wonderful phenomenon of the splitting of the Moon was a manifest sign of the truth that the Resurrection, of which the Prophet was giving them the news, could take place. The great sphere of the Moon had split into two distinct parts in front of their very eyes. The two parts had separated and receded so much apart from each other that, to the onlookers, one part had appeared on one side of the mountain and the other on the other side of it. Then, in an instant, the two had rejoined. This was manifest proof of the truth that the system of the Universe was neither eternal nor immortal; it could be disrupted. The disbelievers described it as a magical illusion and persisted in their denial. Such people neither believe in the admonition, nor learn a lesson from history, nor affirm faith after witnessing manifest signs with their eyes. They would believe only when resurrection has taken place and they will be rushing out of their graves towards the Summoner on that Day. The stories of the people of Nuh (Noah) and of 'Ad and Thamud and of the peoples of Lut (lot) and the Fir'on (Pharaoh) have been related briefly and they have been reminded of the terrible punishments that these nations suffered when they belied and disregarded the warnings given by the Prophets of Allah.