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Period of Revelation

The commentators and traditionalists are unanimous that the revelation of this Surah was during the very early stages of the Prophet's residence at Makkah.

Major Issues, Divine Laws and Guidance
  1. The commandment that the seekers of guidance should be given preference in conveying Allah's message.
  2. Man is reminded to recognize his Creator.
  3. On the Day of Judgement man will be so concerned about himself that he will not even care about his own mother, father, brother or children.

Upon reading the opening words of this Surah one feels that in this Surah Allah has expressed His displeasure against the Prophet (pbuh) for his treating the blind man with indifference and attending to the big chiefs exclusively. But in reading the whole Surah objectively, one finds that the displeasure, in fact, is expressed against the disbelieving Qureysh, who, because of their arrogant attitude and indifference, were rejecting the message of truth with contempt.

The error in the method that the Prophet adopted at the start of his mission is also pointed out. His treating of the blind man with neglect and disregard, and consequently devoting all of his attention to the Qureysh chiefs was not because he regarded the rich as noble and a poor blind man as contemptible. Naturally, when a caller to the Truth embarks on the mission of conveying his message to people, he wants the most influential people of society to accept the message so his task becomes easier. Almost the same attitude the Prophet (upon whom be peace) had adopted in the beginning, an attitude of sincerity and a desire to promote his mission and not out of respect for the rich people and hatred for the poor. But Allah made him realize the correct method of extending invitation to Islam and his mission's point of view: every man, who was a seeker of the truth, was important, even if he was weak, or poor, and every man, who was heedless to the truth, was unimportant, even if he occupied a high position in society.