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Period of Revelation

This is one of the earliest Surahs revealed at Makkah. It was sent down at a stage when the disbelievers of Makkah were employing all sorts of devices and plans to defeat and frustrate the message of Islam.

Major Issues, Divine Laws and Guidance
  1. Allah has appointed a guardian angel over each soul.
  2. The Qur'an is the decisive word of Allah.

This Surah discuses two themes:

  1. That man has to appear before God after death.
  2. That the Qur'an is a decisive Word which no plan or device of the disbelievers can defeat or frustrate.

The stars of the heavens are cited as an evidence that there is nothing in the universe that may continue to exist and survive without guardian over it. Then man is asked to consider his own self as far as how he has been brought into existence from a mere sperm drop and shaped into a living human being. Then it is said that God, Who brought him into existence, certainly has the power to create him once again in order to scrutinize all of the secrets of man which remained hidden in the world. At that time, man will neither be able to escape the consequences of his deeds by his own power, nor will anyone else come to his rescue.

In conclusion, it is pointed out that just as the falling of rain from the sky and the sprouting of plants and crops from the earth is not child's play, but a serious task, so also are the truths expressed in the Qur'an no jest, but a firm and unchangeable reality. The disbelievers think that their plans and devices will defeat the invitation of the Qur'an, but they do not know that Allah too is devising a plan which will void all their scheming and planning. Then a word of consolation is provided to the Prophet (pbuh) and a warning to the disbelievers that very soon they will themselves realize whether they have been able to defeat the Qur'an by their schemes or whether the Qur'an has dominated them in the very place where they are exerting their utmost to defeat it.