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Period of Revelation

This Surah is one of the early Surahs revealed at Makkah.

Major Issue, Divine Law and Guidance

The night of Qadr in which The Qur'an was revealed is better than one thousand months.


The theme of this Surah is to acquaint man with the value, worth and importance of the Qur'an. Being placed just after Surah Al-'Alaq in the arrangement of the Qur'an by itself explains that in the Holy Book, the revelation of which began with the first five verses of Surah Al-'Alaq, was sent down in a destiny-making night, which is also called the Night of Power. It is a glorious Book and its revelation for mankind is full of blessings.

The Night of Qadr (destiny) has two meanings, both are implied here. First, it is the night during which destinies are decided. The revelation of this Book in this night is not merely the revelation of a book, but an event which will change the destiny of the entire world. The other meaning is that this is a night of unique honor, dignity and glory; so much so that it is better than a thousand months. Thus, the disbelievers of Makkah have been warned: "You, on account of your ignorance, regard this Book, which Muhammad (pbuh) has presented, as a calamity for yourselves and complain that a disaster has befallen you, whereas the night in which it was decreed to be sent down was such a blessed night worth; more than a thousand months. In other words, a task was accomplished in it for the well-being of mankind which had not been accomplished during one thousand months of human history.

In conclusion, it is stated that in this night, the angels along with angel Gabriel, will descend with every decree by the leave of their Rabb. There will be peace from evening till morning; that is, there is no interference of evil in it, for all decrees of Allah are intended to promote good.