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Period of Revelation

Ibn 'Abbas and Qatadah are reported to have held two views, first that it is Makki, second that it is Madani. Sayyidah 'Aeysha regards it as a Makki Surah. As for its contents, there is nothing in it to indicate whether it was revealed at Makkah or at Madinah.

Major Issues, Divine Laws and Guidance
  1. The People of the Book (Jews &
  2. The People of the Book were also commanded to establish Salah and pay Zakah as it is commanded in The Qur'an.

In this Surah, the need of sending a Rasool is explained, then the errors of the followers of the earlier Books are pointed out. The cause of their straying into different creeds was not that Allah had not provided any guidance to them, but that they strayed only after a clear statement of the True religion had come to them. From this, it automatically follows that they themselves were responsible for their error and deviation. If after the coming of the clear statement through Prophet Muhammad (pbuh they continued to stray, their responsibility would further increase.

The Prophets who came from Allah and the Books sent down by Him, did not enjoin anything but that the way of sincere and true service to Allah be adopted; apart from all other ways, no one else's worship, service or obedience be mixed with His; the Salah be established and the Zakah be paid. This has always been the true religion. From this, it also automatically follows that the followers of the earlier scriptures, straying from this true religion, have added extraneous things to it, which are false, and Allah's Rasool has come to invite them back to the same original faith.

In conclusion, it is pointed out that the followers of the earlier Books and the idol worshippers who would refuse to acknowledge this Message are the worst of all creatures. Their punishment will be an everlasting hell; and the people who would believe and act righteously are the best of all creatures. Their reward will be an eternal paradise wherein they will live forever. Allah will be well pleased with them and they will be well pleased with Allah.