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Alim has released 6 videos explaining the features of the various Islamic knowledge sections in the 2021 revamped website. The webinars can be accessed through Alim Foundation’s YouTube channel. In these videos, Aaisha Shah is providing detailed description about the sections like the Alim homepage, Quran, Kids Quran, Hadith, History, Duas, News and Views, and Infographics. By viewing these videos, users can get information about how the different Alim sections are organized and how the information is presented in these sections. Additionally it may enable them to access the required information easily. The videos are available as follows:

  1., providing authentic resources of Islamic knowledge

  2. Quran – read and learn Quran, Recitations, Translations, Tafsirs, and Transliteration

  3. Kids Quran –read and learn Quran, Recitations &Translations through an easy and colorful interface

  4. Hadiths –presenting all major Hadith collections in a single place, with ease of navigation

  5. Islamic History of the Prophets, Sahaba, Khulafa Rashidun, History Timeline, and Quran Duas

  6. News and Views and Blog, Alim Infographics, Alim mobile apps, Alim Funeral Services & FAQ