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أَمَّنْ هَـٰذَا ٱلَّذِى هُوَ جُندٌ لَّكُمْ يَنصُرُكُم مِّن دُونِ ٱلرَّحْمَـٰنِ ۚ إِنِ ٱلْكَـٰفِرُونَ إِلَّا فِى غُرُورٍ
Asad Quran Translation
[And] is there any, beside the Most Gracious, that could be a shield18 for you, and succour you [against danger]? They who deny this truth are but lost in self-delusion!
Malik Quran Translation
What force is there that can help you besides the Compassionate? In fact, the unbelievers are suffering from delusion.
Yusuf Ali Quran Translation
Nay who is there that can help you (even as) an army besides (Allah) Most Merciful? In nothing but delusion are the Unbelievers. 5578
Mustafa Khattab Quran Translation
Also, which ˹powerless˺ force will come to your help instead of the Most Compassionate? Indeed, the disbelievers are only ˹lost˺ in delusion.
Piktal Quran Translation
Or who is he that will be an army unto you to help you instead of the Beneficent? The disbelievers are in naught but illusion.
Quran Transliteration
Amman hatha allathee huwa jundun lakum yansurukum min dooni alrrahmani ini alkafiroona illa fee ghuroorin
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