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The Holy Prophet stood firm at the place where he was at some distance from the mouth of the pass. Only a dozen companions stood by the side of the Holy Prophet; all other men fled for safety. The men who stood around the Holy Prophet included Abu Bakr, Umar, and some members of the Hashimites. Seeing that the Holy Prophet having been abandoned by his men could easily be overcome, the hostile tribesmen descended from the heights of the mountains and rushed towards the site where the Holy Prophet stood surrounded by a dozen persons. Under the instructions of the Holy Prophet, Abbas shouted at the top of his voice "O Muslims, come to the Holy Prophet of Allah". The call was heard by the Muslims and they returned to fight. As the forces of the tribes advanced boasting of their initial victory, and satirizing the Muslims for their cowardice, the Holy Prophet threw a handful of dust against the enemy. The Holy Prophet exhorted his men to be stout hearted and not to get nervous. By the time the forces of the tribes arrived, most of the Muslims were ready for combat.

Out of the ranks of the enemy, Abu Nadhul a giant of a man very tall and well built stepped forward and challenged the Muslims to a duel. Ali accepted the challenge. With the speed of lighting, Ali struck at the camel on which Abu Nadhul was riding. Abu Nadhul fell from the beast and before he could recover from his fall, Ali was at his head, giving him blows after blows with his sword. Soon Abu Nadhul was killed. Thereafter the battle began. In the hand to hand fighting, the tribes were no match for the Muslims. They lost ground and they had to retreat. It was now their turn to pass through the defile when the Muslims rained arrows at them. As many as seventy men of the enemy were killed while passing through the defile.