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عُتُلٍّۭ بَعْدَ ذَٰلِكَ زَنِيمٍ
Asad Quran Translation
[or] one who is cruel, by greed possessed,7 and, in addition to all this, utterly useless [to his fellow-men].8
Malik Quran Translation
wicked oppressor, and above all, ignoble by birth,
Yusuf Ali Quran Translation
Violent (and cruel) with all that base-born 5601
Mustafa Khattab Quran Translation
brute, and—on top of all that—an illegitimate child.
Piktal Quran Translation
Greedy therewithal, intrusive.
Quran Transliteration
AAutullin baAAda thalika zaneemin