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In the great epic books, it’s noted that Aisha Ra was the most beloved to the Prophet SAW. She is known as the woman who exonerated by Allah SWT in the Qur’an. History and Prophetic words claims that it was upon her lap that prophet Muhammad SAW he breathed his last. Now you might have understood that who this elegant and great woman is. She is the lovable and respectful wife of Prophet Muhammad. She loved her husband, Prophet Muhammad. She was the most eloquent and compassionate wives of Prophet. She was a complete example for innocence, eloquence, wise, knowledge and much more. We can definitely say that she is the complete instance of what a Muslim woman should be like. Aisha Ra is the number four in the most prolific narrators of Hadith. There is no book of Fiqh, which does not have the opinions of Aisha Ra. Every Islamic book has mentioned the name of Aisha Ra. Aisha Ra was the daughter of Muhammad’s close friend Abu Bakr. She was born after four years of prophet hood of Muhammad. Muhammad called her Humaira, means one who has reddish skin. She was engaged to Prophet at the age of six. Many sources say that she stayed with her parents at home until the age of nine when the marriage was declared with Muhammad. Her role to the spread of Prophet’s message was astonishing, and she helped the Muslims for 44 years after the death of Prophet. Histories say that after the migration of Prophet, she lost her father and mother. Years passed and she was living under the rein of Ali Ibn Abi Talib and Muawiya Ibn Abi Sufian Ra. Many of her lovable people and companions of Prophet were assassinated in the war. Then she went to do the holy Haj. From there she returned by hearing these assassination and war news. Aftermath, many conflicts had took place and our mother Aisha Ra also participated in the great battle of the camel for peace. She was a great woman who struggled for peace and truth and the follower of Prophetic messages. In her last days in the earth, she was very calm and not even accepted a word of praise from the visitors. At the time of her last breath, she said: “I am OK if I fear Allah SWT. Aisha Ra was buried in Al Baqi at night time as that was her will.