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When a tried and tested product jumps into the 21st century, you can’t help but feel excited about it. This is the exact emotion I’m feeling as I test drive the website. I saw some of the familiar (from the 90s!) and lots that was new. But there is so much to explore, that I’ve only touched the surface. So I thought to myself…why not share my experiences of as I Iearn more about the site?

The Rundown

Before I jump into specifics though, I think it would be useful to understand in layman’s terms what the site is all about. Very simply….Qur’an, hadith, Islamic history, and much much more…all in a social network platform. Essentially, you have a plethora of Islamic information at your fingertips that you can discuss…ask questions about. So you may be thinking…“The web is full of such information. What makes so unique?” A few things at least…

  1. A one-stop powerful shop on the web that allows you to go beyond just Qur’anic recitations and hadith narrations to searches and comparisions and tafsir and transliteration and historical accounts and subject indexes and and…should I go on? Where else do you get ALL of that in one site??

  2. I do have to go on though…because I haven’t even mentioned the most unique part! is the first Islamic knowledge-based website of its kind to open its doors to social networking. Where else can you read a surah and then comment on it, ask a question about it, or share it easily with others? Right here, at…that’s where.

I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences. There’s so much to see and talk about it! Till then, happy surfing to all of you. :-)

Wa’salaam alaikum wa rahmatullah