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Ramadan is the blessed month of purity, prayers and great expectations. All are excited in a way or the other. Some are excited by thinking of the spicy yummy dishes on your dining table. Some are excited by thinking of the possibility of weight loss. Some are excited simply thinking of the celebrations in this month. Fasting at day time and eating plenty of food items at dinner time will lead you to tiredness and diseases. Such an eating habit will harm the purity and effectiveness of fasting for the entire month. You should keep a disciplinary eating habit for Ramadan. You should follow the following eating habits in this Ramadan.

• Do not break the fasting with fatty foods. Eating oily and fatty food items on an empty stomach can lead to indigestion, stomach cramping and bloating. Break the fasting with fresh dates, fruits and water.

• Do not eat quickly. Eating hastily leads to overweight and indigestion. Prophet’s Sunnah is to eat with three fingers so as to take smaller bites.

• Drink enough water or other healthy fluids after you break the fasting . Drinking enough water at this time will help you to avoid constipation, fatigue and dehydration.

• Do not skip your Suhoor. If you are fasting, you must take fiber and energy rich food for Suhoor.

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