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Do we know? Majority of Muslims celebrate January 1 each year as New Year but do not pay much attention to our own Islamic New Year that begins on Muharram 1. This year we have already entered in our New Year but without any observance and without even saying a Takbeer!

Let us remember, the Islamic calendar starts with the month of Muharram. Some months of the Islamic calendar have more virtues than the other, and Muharram is one among them. This month is highly important because on the first day of Muharram our beloved Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him (SAW) left Mecca and traveled to Madinah with his close companion Abu Baker (may Allah be pleased with him). This journey is called as migration in Islamic history. The purpose of this migration, as we know, was to safeguard his life and calling to Islam. The most significant day of this month is the 10th day which is known as “ASHURA.” When Prophet (SAW) came to Madinah he found the Jews fasting on this day of the month. Upon enquiry, he came to know that the Jews fasted on this day to thank GOD for saving Moses (Alaih-is Salam) and his companions and drowned Firoun and his people. Moosa (Alaih-is Salam) fasted on this day to thank Allah (SWT). On hearing this Prophet (SAW) said,” we are worthier of Moosa (Alaih-is Salam) than you and so we will also fast to thank Allah (SWT). But to stand apart from the Jews Rasool Ullah (SAW) asked his companions to fast on the 9th and 10th of this month or the 10th and 11th. Although the fast of the month of Muharram is not obligatory, the one who fasts on these days will be rewarded greatly by Allah (SWT). Every minute of our life is a gift from Allah (SWT) and we should try to make it useful and to please HIM, SWT. Every single day or month is special if we use it correctly, therefore, follow what was taught and practiced by Rasool Ullah (SAW) and please ALLAH (SWT) by doing so.