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You may wonder what is this excitement about the ‘last ten nights of Ramadan;’ be startled to a superlative degree, one of the nights in last ten nights of Ramadan is better than 83 years, yes, eighty-three years (but, if you can find it though!) That is What our Supreme Lord, Allah, the Exalted tells us in the Glorious Quran [Surah Al-Qadr, 97:1-5]: We have sent down this (Qur’an) in the Night of Glory. And what do you know what the Night of Glory is? The Night of Glory is better than a thousand months. The angels and the Spirit [archangel Jibril] descend in it with every decree, by the permission of their Lord. That Night is peace, until the rising of the dawn."

Exploring this short surah, one can seize the following themes: The Book “Al-Quran” is a Glorious Book of Allah, the Exalted and He revealed it in this very night that became “Night of Glory & Power.” This Splendid Book is a blessing to mankind to such a degree that its revelation changed the history of humankind and it changes, sometimes, the individual destiny. During this night decrees descend, and destinies are made or modified that promotes good for all.

Question is asked when the actual Night of Glory and Power (Lailat ul-Qadr) falls each year. The honest answer is only Allah, SWT Knows. Neither Allah, SWT nor His Prophet, SAW have specified any one night. The Muslims should, therefore, enhance their eagerness and passion to seek the benefits from the virtues of Lailat-ul-Qadr. And should spend more and more nights in worship and devotion to Allah, the Exalted and should not remain content with and look for only one or few nights of Ramadan.

Our beloved Prophet Mohammad [peace and blessings of Allah, SWT be upon him], used to perform “I’tikaf’ in the Masjid Nabvi in Madina, each year and spent his time in complete devotion and worship to Allah, SWT during the last ten days and nights of Ramadan. His companions joined him with eagerness. It is an act of high recommendation for all Muslims.

The last ten nights start on sundown of Ramadan 20. All Muslims are recommended to spend these days and nights, especially all odd nights in Ibadaat (worship): Recitation of Al-Quran with understanding, recitation in prayers as much as possible, performing all prayers: Fard, Sunan, and Nawafil with clean heart and mind; making honest repentance for all wrong done, and asking sincere forgiveness and mercy for every life from Allah, SWT.

Dear Muslims, here is a great opportunity again starting sundown of May 13, 2020 while under the dangerous cloud of Conronavirus-19; to bow down, to prostrate, and to ask forgiveness to our Most Merciful Lord, Allah, the Exalted to forgive, protect and save the humanity. Believe it or not, humans are always under a test. But this test is gigantic and intolerable to powerful and modern nations. For the individuals nothing but the righteous efforts with lot of supplications to all Powerful Allah SWT’s can bring the resolve and peace through His mercy!

The Alim Foundation: NMS; May 12, 2020