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Part II

Scientific Benefits of Prayer


Do you know what are the benefits of first prayer of the day? Let’s have a look. If one wakes up without cleaning his face and has his breakfast, then the bacteria in his mouth will go down the belly and produce sicknesses, stomach upset, irritation and ulcers.


Your job and similar daily schedules may give pressure and stress to you. But the zuhr prayer can calm you down and relieve the stress.


During the time of Asr, the speed of the circumambulation of the earth, lessens, influencing the 5 senses. Here, a person begins to consider the affairs of the evening and hurries to complete his work of the day, meaning at this time the stress is building up which has an effect on the body. Offering the Asr prayer provides more energy to the devotee.


Maghrib is the time in which a devotee conveys thanks to his creator through actions for the sustenance. The efforts and job completed through the day has supported him with his family and kids. When a Muslim wishes to thank Allah, he should sit with his partner with peace and love. Children have a character of imitating or copying the actions of their parents. Principally, if the prayer is offered at its given time, then the children will be inclined to be respectful towards their parents as it is the prayer that makes a person modest. The prayer should make the child to listen to the parents and obey them.


Desire is the natural instinct of a human. When a person comes home after work, he would be in a desire to eat to his full to quench the desire for food. If he lies down on a full stomach, there is a fear of many illnesses and the mind will not be at peace. Here comes the need of Isha prayer. When one is offering the Isha prayer, he can find peace and the tiredness will disappear and sleep peacefully.

Taraweeh Prayers…

During the holy month of Ramadhan, additional prayers are performed after Salatul Isha called Taraweeh prayers. After breaking a full day long fast, the blood glucose level continues to increase from the food consumed. The blood glucose and insulin levels are at their lowest level just before the Ifthar meal. After having your Ifthar meal, the blood glucose and plasma insulin will increase. Liver and the muscles take up the circulating glucose. The blood sugar reaches to its normal levels in an hour or two and the benefits of Taraweeh prayer comes into effect. The blood glucose will be metabolized into carbon dioxide and water during the time of Taraweeh prayers. Hence the Taraweeh prayers helps in burning the additional calories and expand suppleness, direction, and scale back stress.

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