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Part III

Benefits of Salah to Human Body

1. Knee joint

Joint pains can be cured by means of Prayer. When we stand for a long time, our body gets weak, however when we lift our hands, we gain strength. Our backbone should be in a very healthy condition. Salah gives strength to all the parts of the body and it cures the pain in the joints.

2. To stand

The prayer initiates whilst one stand, and this has a few benefits. Our body gains peace as the Quran is being recited. The Quran recitation has a healing effect on the human body. Many researches have been proved that, Arabic sounds are the main reason behind this healing and mental peace.

“And we have sent the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to the believers; and it adds loss only to the unjust." (17:82)

Islamic researchers have found that when a devotee recites the holy Quran, his bad thoughts, feelings, fears and guilt are free or healed. Most of the sounds of the Arabic language while reciting the holy Quran can create a balance in all ill affected areas of the human body.

The takbir (Allahu akbar) and Qiyam (standing) together are destined to advance posture, balance and self-awareness. This standing posture can normalize the blood pressure and breathing. This can cure diseases like asthma and heart attacks.

3. Heart Illnesses

After many research had been taken place, some of the expert cardiologists have come up with the conclusion that the illnesses of the heart are reduced when Prayer is offered. Qiyam helps the lower body to pump blood, ruku to pump the blood to middle parts and sujud helps the blood to reach the upper body with less pressure on the heart.

4. Ruku

Ruku helps to pump the blood to middle parts of body. If you perform ruku properly, you can keep away from back pains and joint pains. Everybody know that back problems are painful and limit the daily movements of an individual. Performing Ruku saves a person to cure the kidney stone disease. In ruku the circulation of blood works well, advancing the eyes and mind. Ruku stretches the muscles of the back, thighs, legs, calves and allows blood to be pumped in the higher chest. This position additionally promotes a larger flow of blood into the higher regions of body significantly to the head, eyes, ears, nose brain and lungs to be released. Over time this improves brain perform and one’s personality and is a superb stance to take care of the proper position of the foetus in pregnant ladies.

5. Prostration

Prostration in a calm pace is helpful for internal organs. Prostration in the sunnah way aids the stomach to make it muscular. The sunnah can reduce the liver, kidney, back and stomach diseases. When a devotee performs Sunnah and in the position of prostration the blood reaches the head smoothly. During this activity, the blood goes to the eyes, brain and other parts of the head and nerves. If you pray salah, your face will enlighten. Prostration can give more beauty to a woman’s face. Long prostrations with modesty and honesty are helpful to cure diseases of the brain as the blood spreads the brain without effort. As the blood spreads the higher part of the body, such as the eyes, face and teeth-making the wrinkles vanish from the cheeks.

6. Sitting Position

The position of Qaida is like the thunderbolt posture in yoga, which firms the toes, knees, thighs and legs. This position can help to decrease the excessive sleeping behavior of a person. This can also help in speedy digestion.

7. Salam

To complete the Prayer, devotee should perform the postures using head-like turn the head to the right and then left. The throat is stimulated by rotating the head towards the right and then the left shoulder in the concluding of the prayer. This nerve path is linked to the throat, neck, arms, hands, lung area and hearing affecting individual creativity and communication. Salam also helps in chest strengthening as well as collar bone strengthening. Everyone should keep in mind that, these can only benefit, if he or she offer this prayer with devotion and sincerity. If you perform this prayer daily, you can remain balanced, happy and physically and mentally fit.

8. Supplication

When your hands are held open for prayer, they activate your heart. This is termed as to be the center of the emotional state of love, agreement and amity. It also directs the health of your heart, lungs, thymus, immune system and cardiovascular system.


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