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Here is an incident story that a couple experienced rude behavior from a girl in hijab. Once the author’s mom was traveling to Pakistan. Her husband dropped her at the airport and they were in the counter for some check-in processes. There was a girl in hijab at the counter that was very rude to him. They had a difficult situation there that the girl played a very rude behavior and somehow they managed to unpack, repack and sort all the things in the baggage. The girl in hijab had a barking tone until she checked-in for the journey.

The moral of this incident is that, we all are human beings and we shouldn’t be so rude to others. When you work in a job, you should serve your customers or clients with great hospitality. Your mental pressures or personal hatreds should not present at the job place. Be calm and helpful to others so that Allah would reward you for these good deeds.

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