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Fasting is a holy act of prayer and sacrifice for the sake of Allah and your sins will be forgiven by Allah. During the holy month of Ramadan, an Islam must abstain from food, drinks, life pleasures, intercourse, smoking and other sins. Islam must abstain from food and drinks before the break of the dawn till sunset. During Ramadan month, every sane and able Muslim should fast. In addition, for getting eligibility for fasting he or she must attain the age of puberty and maturity.

Fasting should start by taking the sahri. Sahri is the food or drink you take in anticipation of the next day’s fasting. So you must take sahri before the Subah Sadiq. If you missed the sahri, you must skip fasting for the day.

As soon as the sun set in the evening, you must break the fast by having dates and water. You should break the fasting before the Magrib prayers.

Things that break fasting

  • Eating and drinking during the fasting time.
  • Smoking.
  • Pouring oil into ears.
  • Swallowing pebble, stone, paper etc.
  • Saliva mingled with blood.
  • Applying medicine drops in nostrils.
  • Masturbation.
  • Sexual intercourse.

Things that do not break fasting

  • Smell perfume, using surma in the eyes and applying oil to the hair.
  • Inhaling a fly without one’s intention.
  • To swallow saliva.
  • Undergoing for a blood test.
  • To take bath during fasting time.
  • To pour water into ear unknowingly.