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بَلِ ٱتَّبَعَ ٱلَّذِينَ ظَلَمُوٓا۟ أَهْوَآءَهُم بِغَيْرِ عِلْمٍ ۖ فَمَن يَهْدِى مَنْ أَضَلَّ ٱللَّهُ ۖ وَمَا لَهُم مِّن نَّـٰصِرِينَ
Asad Quran Translation
But nay-they who are bent on evildoing fol-low but their own desires, without having any knowl-edge [of the truth]23 And who could guide those whom God has [thus] let go astray, and who [thereupon] have none to succour them?24
Malik Quran Translation
Nay! The wrongdoers are led by their own appetites, without real knowledge. So who can guide those whom Allah leaves astray? They will have no helpers.
Yusuf Ali Quran Translation
Nay the wrong-doers (merely) fellow their own lusts being devoid of knowledge. But who will guide those whom Allah leaves astray? To them there will be no helpers. 3539
Mustafa Khattab Quran Translation
In fact, the wrongdoers merely follow their desires with no knowledge. Who then can guide those Allah has left to stray? They will have no helpers.
Piktal Quran Translation
Nay, but those who do wrong follow their own lusts without knowledge. Who is able to guide him whom Allah hath bent astray? For such there are no helpers.
Quran Transliteration
Bali ittabaAAa allatheena thalamoo ahwaahum bighayri AAilmin faman yahdee man adalla Allahu wama lahum min nasireena